God Box Tours (GBT) is the first Pan African Interfaith Travel and Tour Agency in the world. Based in Ghana, West Africa, GBT embraces the religious and spiritual diversity of the Pan African family and provides an innovative, religious and spiritual tour of Ghana.

Come explore, celebrate and dine with various religious and spiritual communities. Our tours allow people from different faiths to engage in each other’s experiences and gain the wealth and power meant to be shared among the Pan African faithful. Simply put, for individuals and groups seeking to embark on a spiritual journey to Ghana, GBT is your choice!

GBT isn’t your typical travel experience. We unveil the richness of Ghanaian history and culture, influenced by African religious and spiritual beliefs—and, most of all, we offer spiritual fulfilment to those wishing to return to the shores where the African Diasporic journey began.

GBT provides efficient, personalized service at the best prices. We purchase the tickets for our clients with a 100% guarantee of traveling Visa and coordination of itineraries for individuals or groups. This includes hotel reservations, home stays, transport, tours, car rentals, local flights, logistical support activities and any special requests or requirements.

GBT’s staff of professionals from Ghana and the Diaspora consists of various faiths and backgrounds in the field of tourism, religion and spirituality. We work together to serve our diverse client base from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Caribbean, Latin America and South America, with the aim of exceeding your expectations.

We invite you to take a spiritual visit to Ghana and enjoy its scenery and charms, its history and culture. Return home for a physical and spiritual healing and liberation. It is our honor to reconcile Africans on the continent and in the Diaspora. Sankofa!