About Our Services

GBT Relocation/Repatriation Services provides all Relocation/Repatriation needs to individuals, families and corporations. We understand the stress and difficulties involved in transitioning from a developed to developing world. GBT is available 24 hours a day to support and guide your transition to Ghana. Our aim is to make your transition as smooth and as stress free as possible. We want you to focus on the essence of relocating and repatriating.

  • God Box Tours provides all of your Relocation/Repatriation Services and Needs
  • Collaborate with us to make your move a stress free as possible
  • Your Best Service Provider for Your Smooth Transition
  • Pre and Post Arrival Support and Orientation to Ghana
  • Relocation and Repatriation Counseling Services
  • Departure Services (Shipping and Haulage)
  • Immigration
  • Housing (Rental/Purchasing Land and Homes)
  • House and Apartment Set Up
  • Architect and Contractor Recommendation Services
  • Obtaining a Ghana ID & Driver’s License
  • Support with Purchasing a Vehicle
  • Bank/Investment/Money Management/Retirement/Taxes
  • Healthcare Basics/Healthcare Services/Women and Men Healthcare
  • Acquiring Medical Insurance
  • Children’s Education/Higher Education/Language Learning
  • Preview and Orientation Trip


Know your Housing Budget:

Figure out how much you can afford. Look at your monthly income (we pay a minimum of six months to two years rent upfront in Ghana depending on rental property).


Know your Monthly Budget and Overall Finances for your Move

How will you support yourself? Are you retiring abroad? Do you have a Pension? Will you seek employment? Are you interested in opening up a business? What type of funding do you have for a business? What is the cost of living where you currently live compared to your destination country? What is your average monthly food budget, utility expenses, education, transportation, healthcare provisions, purchasing furniture and appliances to set up home or apartment and shipping? This is daunting but helps in making the transition smoother.


Figuring out your Housing Situation before Moving

Selling or Renting Your Home: Will this help your move abroad? If you decide to sell your property, listing your home well ahead of time is crucial. Create a plan in case your home sells quicker or slower than you anticipated. If you are not ready to sell, are you able to lease it as a holiday home, short or long term rental?


Choosing Your Desired Property

Renting is easier for many moving abroad. This gives options and time to research the local housing market while settling into your new surroundings. Create criteria for your ideal apartment or house in a developing country. What and where are you looking for in an apartment or house in Ghana? Do you want a studio, a single, or one bedroom? How many bathrooms? Maybe you want to rent a small house with a garden. Do you need the apartment or house to come with appliances, including washer and dryer? Do you want furnished, semi furnished or unfurnished? Do you want to be within walking distance of market places, grocery stores, hospital, schools, universities, easy access to local transportation? Write down whatever comes to your mind. While you might not be able to get everything on your apartment and home wish list, it will definitely help in narrowing down the possibilities.


Healthcare Services

Healthcare varies in every country. It is important to inform us about all of your medical needs prior to moving to Ghana to ensure you receive the best healthcare as possible during your stay in Ghana. If you or a family member are taking medication, it is best to stock up to hold you over until you are settled.


Immigration Services

We take on all the daunting and cumbersome complexities of immigration tasks: assisting with processing residency permits, short and long stay visa entries in a timely manner.


Settling Down and Getting Organized

Collaborating with us makes your settling-in process as simple as possible during the first overwhelming weeks and months. God Box takes care setting up basic utilities, banking, driver’s license, Ghana ID Card, healthcare and all other services stated


Pre and Post Orientation Service

This is a helpful service for all relocating to Ghana. Our orientation service helps you get used to the culture, language, surroundings and environment. Our virtual and orientation trips aid in answering all the immediate questions that arriving to a new place can create. Being prepared is everything and we aim to help you be as prepared as possible as things will always come up. God Box Tours is here to support. We are always available for you.



Relocating can have a tremendous impact on any child’s overall development. Moreover, changing schools can have an even bigger impact on a child. We aim to provide the best support and advice on schooling for every child at every age. It is crucial to find the right educational system so ensure they have great educational experience at every age. Ghana has a variety of schools with various curriculums, which are both international, private and public. School fees vary from school to school. We will support you in finding the best school possible based on your budget, the experience you want for your child and the schools overall admission process and availability. Based on your choice, we will arrange school visits and tours.


Virtual Housing and City Relocation Tours and Consultation

There are several benefits of virtual tours and consultations. It is less overwhelming and stressful with quicker results to get you on the move. We set up virtual tours of homes and apartments with agents based on budget and location.



When relocating and repatriating to Ghana, it is necessary to have ALL-important documents to ensure a smoother settling in process. Your personal documents will aid in acquiring Ghana ID Card, Driver’s Licence, Healthcare and Healthcare Insurance, Admissions into Schools and Higher Learning Institutions, Rentals and Purchasing Land and Homes and Banking. Having all documents in place will save valuable time in settling into Ghana. Making copies and keeping them safe are crucial.

Examples of Important Papers:

  • Adoption Papers
  • Birth Certificates
  • Child Custody Papers
  • Divorce Papers
  • Driving license(s)
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Passports
  • Social Security Cards
  • Medical and Dental Records (including insurance cards and prescriptions). Gather copies of your health records, including your medical history, immunization records, insurance cards for your medical, dental, eye and/or disability insurance. Also, make sure you have copies of your prescriptions for your medication and disability records.
  • School records/University Papers. If you or your family members will attend school overseas, make sure you bring copies of your school records, including school transcripts and/or a homeschool portfolio and grade reports.
  • Other Insurance Policies and Legal Documents. This includes any legal documents, such as your power of attorney, will, trust, health power of attorney, medical consent forms and any other important notarized or legal documents.
  • Financial records. Make sure to bring copies of your bank statements if you do not have access to them online to prove your income. Also, have copies of other important financial records, such as your income tax statements and financial statements for any business you own.
  • Other Travel Documents

One Week to Departure

You will most likely have some last minute tasks to complete before you leave. Try to take care of everything prior to your departure.

Get Cash

Make sure you have access to money instantly.

Take Care of any Uncompleted Tasks

Try to handle everything as much as possible within your departure week. This is the time to review your Moving to Ghana checklist again and make sure you take care of everything.

Confirm your Flight

Review your departure times and luggage restrictions for your flight. If possible, check into your flight early, so you can save time with boarding.

Contact your Card Companies.

If you use your credit or debit cards, contact the card companies to let them know you are moving overseas to ensure your cards are not blocked or cancelled.


Pack your belongings, including clothes and shoes you plan to wear on your trip. Label your items using a color-coded system. If you have children or pets, pack their belongings last so you do not miss any crucial items.

Unlock Your Cell Phone.

This will ensure quick and easy access to a new Ghanaian phone number and communication access to important people and family members.


Take time to celebrate your move to Ghana with friends and family during your last week.