Congress Bill (HR 1242)

United States

The United States Congress recently passed a bill (HR 1242) that marks 2019 as the 400-year anniversary of the arrival of the first African slave in America. In response to this commemoration, the Government of Ghana, which has always recognized the country’s responsibility to children of the Diaspora, declared 2019 to be the “Year of Return” for those seeking to reclaim their ancestral heritage and reconnect with the land and people where the African Diasporic journey began. The God Box Spiritual Pilgrimage is an official event on the Year of Return 2019 Calendar. This pilgrimage caters to Pan African religious and spiritual groups around the world who endeavor to embark on a journey to Ghana and experience a long-overdue reconciliatory and liberating moment.

Retracing Our Roots

This sojourn into Ghana will offer a host of fresh, spiritual experiences. These activities include:

    PANAFEST activities:

  • Welcoming Ceremonies with the Government of Ghana and Pan African faith leaders
  • Tributes to Pan African pioneers such as Kwame Nkrumah, WEB DuBois, George Padmore, and Marcus Garvey
  • Canoe rides to and from Elmina and Cape Coast Castles
  • Tour of Cape Coast slave dungeons, including “Door of No Return”
  • Durbar of Chiefs and Queen Mothers
  • Naming Ceremonies
  • Repentance and Forgiveness Ceremonies and many Colloquiums

There will also be God Box spiritual tours around Ghana, immersion with faith groups, Chale Wote and Interfaith festivals, God Box Talks, and workshops on dual citizenship as well as land and business opportunities.

The God Box Foundation, in collaboration with God Box Tours, has put together three tour packages, dates ranging from July 24th to August 21st. These packages include roundtrip airfares, Visa and immunization cards on arrival, transportation in private buses, standard hotel accommodations with daily breakfast buffet, entry and conference fees, tour guides and security services. We offer customized payment plans and options to purchase your own flight ticket(s).

After 400 years, the trumpets are sounding a familiar call to the souls of Diasporans everywhere. Join the God Box Spiritual Pilgrimage and be a part of a spiritual journey that will change the course of history